Annonce 20 OCT 2014

Flanders Vs. Wallonia: TOFIFEST blows for kick-off

TOFIFEST puts Belgian cinema into the spotlight in a section called « Flanders vs. Wallonia »

Starting from the finding that "It is rather difficult to discern a coherent body of cinema work that could be labelled “Belgian national cinema”", this year’s TOFIFEST highlights Belgian cinema with a selection of films from the two Belgian language communities.

Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne’s Two Days One Night will represent French-speaking cinema and Bas Devos’ Violet and Benny Vandendriessche’s Drift will represent Flemish cinema.

Two filmmakers on each side.

The 12th edition of TOFIFEST (Toruń, Poland) opens tomorrow until October 26.