News 15 JUL 2016

"L'immense retour (romance)" selected in Locarno

L’immense retour (romance), directed by Manon Coubia, has been selected for the 69th edition of the Locarno Film Festival, which takes place from 3 to 13 August 2016.

L’immense retour (romance) has been retained in the Pardi di domani category. This section aims to reveal new talents in the field of short films and, for this, two parallel competitions held there. As every year, the first is dedicated to new Swiss talents, with 12 selected films, and the second is dedicated to new international talents, with 28 selected films. L’immense retour (romance) will be presented as part of this second competition.

Called "experimental documentary" by its director, L’immense retour (romance) is described in a both mysterious and intriguing synopsis: "Seated on the edge of the gaping rift, she waited so long, too long for the mountain to give back her lover, prisoner of the ice."

L’immense retour (romance) is produced by VOA films, the CBA, in partnership with the BAMP Brussels and with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Manon Coubia is a director graduated from the INSAS in realization. She directed her first film, Sonate Blanche, in 2007. It circulated in many festivals. That same year, she participated in the creation of VOA films, based in Brussels, and supports the production of films. In 2012, she made Bleu cerise, her second documentary. Her latest film combines the visual and sound research to tell us the slow mutation of glaciers in Haute Savoie, her native landscape.