News 11 OCT 2016

A Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd retrospective at Montreal International Documentary Festival

A retrospective about Belgian documentary filmmaker and poet Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd will take place at the 19th edition of the Montreal International Documentary Festival. 

On this occasion, all his films will be screened: Némadis, des années sans nouvelles (2000), Racines lointaines (2002), Closed District (2004), Le cercle des noyés (2007), Les dormants (2009), Territoire perdu (2011) and, finally, Les tourmentes (2014). 

Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd is a filmmaker many times awarded and, above all, one of the great poets of today’s documentary cinema. Often filmed in Africa, most of his films concern the lives of people victimized by war or living in exile. His perceptive camera creates a rare sense of immersion, capturing the soul of otherwise invisible places and people. While his early works were anthropological in nature, he gradually developed a thoroughly original form situated between observational documentary, poetic essay and performance. 

On the occasion of this comprehensive retrospective, the filmmaker’s first in North America, Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd will give a master class and an exclusive audio-visual presentation created for the event, entitled Noumédie.

This year, the Montreal International Documentary Festival will take place from November 10th to 20th. Recognized as one of the most important documentary film festivals in North America, the Montreal International Documentary Festival present each year more than 100 Canadian and international documentaries. It also offer the unique documentary market in Quebec with Doc Circuit Montreal (DCM).