News 03 SEP 2013

Toronto 2013

The 38th Toronto International Film Festival starts on Thursday September 5th.

A woman vanishes.
Her husband inquires into the strange circumstances of her disappearance.
Did she leave him? Is she dead?
As he goes along searching, he plunges into a  world of nightmare and violence...


sept 06 09:30PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 7 (market)
sept 07 08:45PM Scotiabank 7 (P&I)
sept 11 06:00PM The Bloor Hot Docs
sept 12 09:30PM Scotiabank 3
sept 14 12:30PM Scotiabank 8

The Strange Colour of your Body's Tears

Sanfur is the younger brother of a senior Palestinian militant. Razi recruited him when he was just 15, and developed a very close, almost fatherly relationship to him. Now 17, Sanfur tries to navigate between Razi’s demands and his loyalty to his brother, living a double life and lying to both.

When the Israeli secret service discovers how deeply involved Sanfur is in his brother’s activities, Razi is faced with an impossible dilemma.

SALES: Westends Films

sept 08 04:30PM Scotiabank 5 (P&I)
sept 09 10:00PM Scotiabank 3
sept 11 02:15PM Scotiabank 7 (P&I)
sept 11 04:00PM Scotiabank 4
sept 15 06:30PM Scotiabank 4