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Doclisboa (Lisbonne)

One of the main film festivals in Portugal, Doclisboa happens every year towards the end of October. Organised by Apordoc (an association that promotes documentary in particular and cinema in general), it presents a selection of the best latest documentaries, in an ambitious program bringing together important retrospectives and acclaimed filmmakers.

Casa do Cinema
Rua da Rosa, 277–2º
1200-385 Lisboa
+351 213 470 816


Type : Festival

Genre : Documentaire

Period : October

Deadline : May

Prioritary : Yes

Country : Portugal


The Liberated Broom

Coline Grando

Feature film / Documentary

Human not Human

Natan Castay

Medium length / Documentary

The Diagonal Force

Annik Leroy and Julie Morel

Feature film / Documentary