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FESPACO - Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (Ouagadougou)

The name FESPACO (Pan-African Film & TV Festival of Ouagadougou) refers to two separate entities which are the Institution and the Festival. Known as the “General Delegation of FESPACO”, the institution is the legal organizing and management body of the biennial event called FESPACO.

The General Delegation of FESPACO is assessed based on the quality of its artistic selection and the successful organization of the African cinema biennale. To achieve this dual objective in a context of security and health crisis, added to a new communication paradigm in the digital era, a new management momentum is required., both in terms of event content redefinition and development of an appropriate strategy.


01 BP 2505

Ouagadougou 01

Burkina Faso
T +226 25 30 83 70 / 71

Type : Festival

Genre : Animation, Documentaire, Fiction

Period : March

Deadline : December

Prioritary : Yes

Country : Burkina Faso


Money, Freedom, a Story of CFA Franc

Katy Lena N'Diaye

Feature film / Documentary

The New Man

Carlos Yuri Ceuninck

Feature film / Documentary


Fransix Tenda Lomba

Short film / Animation


José Miguel Ribeiro

Feature film / Animation

The Blue Caftan

Maryam Touzani

Feature film / Fiction