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Festival Européen du Film court (Brest)

THE major rendezvous for young filmmakers in Europe ! The second largest short film festival in France and Europe, unique due to its European dimension, the Brest Festival, set up in 1986, plays an important role on the local and regional cultural scene, by offering the public a cinematic event each year during November, at the Quartz theatre and several cinemas in Brest, Brittany.

Type : Festival

Genre : Fiction, Documentaire, Animation

Period : November

Deadline : June

Prioritary : Yes

Country : France


Alice et les soleils

Théo Degen and Charlotte Muller

Short film / Fiction

Said of a Deer that Sheds its Antlers

Salomé Crickx

Short film / Fiction

En fin de conte

Zoé Arène

Short film / Fiction

The Big Tantrum

Arnaud Demuynck and Célia Tisserant

Short film / Animation

Go away, Alfred!

Célia Tisserant and Arnaud Demuynck

Short film / Animation