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FILMETS - Badalona Film Festival (Barcelona)

EN/ The festival focuses on the best programming content from over more 250 short films, which differentiates itself from other festivals. This is not a quantitative structure, but also priorizes a qualitative structure which the direction of the festival program and the team works during the year-round to schedule the best short films on the international scene, and pemanents maintains contacts and meetings with major international markets: independent directors, major European schools, main promotion institutions of short films from around the world, distributors and buyers of short films, and festivals.









Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona

C/ Sant Agustí, 11
08915 Badalona (Barcelona)


T +34 93 497 40 00

F +34 93 497 40 02


Type : Festival

Period : November

Deadline : July

Prioritary : No


The silent ones

Basile Vuillemin

Short film / Fiction

Oil oil oil

Manöel Dupont

Short film / Fiction

The Big Tantrum

Arnaud Demuynck and Célia Tisserant

Short film / Animation


Jérémy Depuydt and Giuseppe Accardo

Short film / Animation


Joseph Pierce

Short film / Animation

Les dents du bonheur

Joséphine Darcy Hopkins

Short film / Fiction