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Tampere International Short Film Festival (Tampere)

Tampere Film Festival is the oldest short film festival in the Nordic countries. Its main focus since the 1970s has been to organise national and international short film competitions as well as to provide an international meeting place for film professionals and enthusiasts. Film market, started in 1992, has become an important viewing place for professionals and today it includes over 3000 films. The festival also aims to promote short films sales and international co-operation in the field of culture, as well as to cherish the tradition of a locally significant cultural event. The Main Programme of Tampere Film Festival consists of national & international competitions and a wide variety of special programmes.

Tampere International Short Film Festival

Tullikamarin aukio 2

FIN-33100 Tampere


T +358 3 223 5681


Type : Festival

Genre : Documentaire, Animation, Fiction

Period : March

Deadline : December

Prioritary : Yes

Country : Finland



Babetida Sadjo

Short film / Fiction

The Salamander Child

Théo Degen

Short film / Fiction


Xavier Seron

Short film / Fiction