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ZINEBI (Bilbao)

ZINEBI – the only international Class A festival in Spain in the documentary and short film category recognised by FIAPF since 1974, accredited by the Hollywood Academy as a qualifier for the Oscars, by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for the BAFTA Awards, by the European Film Academy for the European Film Awards, and by the Spanish Academy for the Goya Awards.

ZINEBI is a festival that firmly supports emerging authors. The international short film (documentary, animation and fiction) contest and the ZIFF-Zinebi First Film international competition—dedicated to first works—are its signs of identity. It also features Mikeldis of Honour, which are awarded to acknowledge the careers of distinguished directors, and it has carefully selected Beautiful Docs and Bertoko Begiradak sections. ZINEBI INDUSTRY is yet another part of the festival, intended to promote the Basque audiovisual industry.

Type : Festival

Genre : Animation, Documentaire, Fiction

Period : November

Deadline : July

Prioritary : Yes

Country : Spain


Villa Madjo

Elen Sylla Grollimund

Short film / Animation


Jérémy Depuydt and Giuseppe Accardo

Short film / Animation

A Season in Hell

Yann Ducreux

Short film / Fiction