Art Or Fart?

Stefan Liberski

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Art Or Fart?

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Stefan Liberski

Jean-Yves Machond, a conceptual painter whose career soon came to a halt following a series of setbacks, decides to leave Brussels and his job as a teacher to settle in Étretat. Here, in this place that is the ultimate embodiment of Impressionism, he takes it into his head to find inspiration in order to present his major work to the world, finally earning him eternal glory and recognition. The problem is, he only has the thought of the idea of the concept... What with Bagnoule, figurative painter and bon vivant, a naive, warm-hearted individual who is to draw him out of his lethargy with his bonhomie, and the ‘charming’ Cécile de Mauprès, gallery owner and manipulator, who will disrupt his concentration, his meeting with the locals will prove decisive for the fulfilment of his plan. It’s reality when it knocks you down...

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