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"Attraction" tops the ratings on TF1!

"Attraction", the series produced with support from the FWB-RTBF Series Fund, premiered in France last night on TF1

Last night, TF1 dominated the ratings with the premiere of the Belgian series 'Attraction,' which attracted 3.04 million viewers. According to Médiamétrie, this represents a 15.8% audience share across all demographics.

Co-written by Barbara Abel, Sophia Perié, Gilles De Voghel, and Julien Gras-Payen, and directed by Indra Siera, the series stars Laura Sepul and Lannick Gautry in the lead roles.

Agathe likes to describe herself as an ordinary mother. In a charming house, with a talented husband and healthy children, everything seems in its place. Yet, after 15 years of marriage, the varnish of this pretty postcard begins to crack... When a murder is committed in the hotel where her husband was staying for work, unbearable suspicion sets in...

A production by Les Gens with support from Proximus,, and Wallimage.