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Two Wallonia Brussels productions awarded at Angoulême!

The Angoulême Francophone Film Festival has unveiled the winners of its 16th edition. This year's winners include two Wallonie Bruxelles productions: Yolande Moreau's latest film and Baloji's first feature film.

TThe jury for the 16th Angoulême Francophone Film Festival has announced its winners. This year's winners include two French-language Belgian productions. Firstly, Yolande Moreau's feature film La Fiancée du poète, produced by Artémis Productions and internationally distributed by Indi Sales, won the Valois for Best Scenario.

Mireille comes back to her hometown and the family house she inherited. Her life changes when she decides to take in three tenants; three men who will brighten up her daily life, and unexpectedly help her rekindle the flame of her long lost true love.

Wa also find the debut feature film by Baloji, Omen produced by Wrong Men and internationally distributed by Memento International, which won the Valois for Best Director.

Following Koffi’s return to his birthplace after he has been ostracized by his family, Omen explore the weight of beliefs on one’s destiny through four characters accused of being witches and sorcerers, all of them intertwined and guiding each other into the phantasmagoria of Africa.

Also worth noting is that Katell Quillévéré's new film, Along Came Love, co-produced by Frakas Productions, emerged as the big winner of this edition, taking the Valois de Diamant, as well as the Valois for Best Actor, awarded to Vincent Lacoste.

The 16th edition of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival took place from August 22nd to 27th 2023.


The Jolly Forgers

Yolande Moreau

Feature film / Fiction



Feature film / Fiction

Le temps d'aimer

Katell Quillévéré

Feature film / Fiction