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"Night Call" wins Audience Award in Biarritz!

Michiel Blanchart's new film received the Audience Award at the Nouvelles Vagues festival

The Biarritz Film Festival – Nouvelles Vagues aims to highlight youth and new generations through a program that carries the story and urgency of youth. Gathered in Biarritz, a jury of international artists under 35, an international jury of film school students, and a jury of young beneficiaries of the Culture Pass will share screenings, meetings, and exhibitions with the general public.

Nightcall by Michiel Blanchart was chosen as the Opening Film of the 2024 edition of the festival and was presented in the International Competition. The film, produced by Daylight and sold internationally by Gaumont, had its world premiere there. The film won the Audience Award this weekend.

This night seems like any other for Mady, a student by day and a locksmith by night. But Claire, the enigmatic young woman he helps that night, is not who she claims to be. This door is not to her apartment. And the bag she wants to recover at all costs is not hers but belongs to Yannick, a man to whom Mady will have to answer. Caught in a relentless chase, Mady has only one night to prove his innocence in a city in turmoil. One night to save his skin.

Nightcall is Michiel Blanchart's first feature film. The filmmaker is also preparing an American adaptation produced by Sam Raimi and Tristar Studios of the short film T'es morte, Hélène which he directed in 2021 and which was shortlisted for the Oscars.

The festival took place from June 18 to 23, 2024.


Night Call

Michiel Blanchart

Feature film / Fiction