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A strong Belgian presence at IDFA!

The IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam has unveiled the selection for its 36th edition with three French-speaking Belgian productions: "Mambar Pierrette", "Paragate" and "The New Man".

IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is one of the leading documentary film festivals in the world, dedicated to showcasing and promoting innovative creative documentaries. Three French-speaking Belgian productions, along with two co-production, have been selected for the 36th edition of the festival.

Mambar Pierrette by Rosine Mbakam, produced by Tândor Productions and sold internationally by The Party Films Sales, is selected in two sections, Signed and Focus: Fabrications. This internationally acclaimed documentary film will have its Dutch premiere at the festival.

In the pouring rain of Douala, Mambar, resigned, empties the water that has entered her house with the help of her children. When she arrives at her sewing workshop, the same ordeal begins again. One by one, customers parade into her workshop with a single word on their lips, "back-to-school preparations." Mambar has yet to buy anything for her children. Her days are long, the anticipation of her children is great, but will the rain in Douala let the sun shine on Mambar and her children?

In its world premiere, Paragate by Jialai Wang, produced by Derives and sold internationally by the CBA (Centre de l'Audiovisuel in Brussels), is selected in the Envision Competition category.

Through the screen of my phone, I witness the deterioration of my grandmother's health. When I arrive in China, she has passed away. I find myself alone with my mother, who is wholly devoted to her religious practice. As I stroll through the streets of my childhood neighborhood, I gradually understand that she, like me, was searching for maternal love and won't find it.

For its European premiere, The New Man by Carlos Yuri Ceuninck is selected in the Luminous competition. The film is produced by Neon Rouge Production.

QUIRINO, a 76-year-old man, has lived for over 30 years in an abandoned village deep in a valley between the sea and the mountains. As he begins to feel the effects of aging, Quirino is faced with the dilemma of leaving the only place he has ever known or spending his remaining days there.

It's worth noting the selection of two coproductions supported by the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles :  Bye Bye Tiberias, a co-production with Altitude 100 in the Best of Fests section and How Do You Spell Home?, coproduct by Rayuela Productions, in the Luminous Competition. 

The festival will take place from November 8 to 19.


The New Man

Carlos Yuri Ceuninck

Feature film / Documentary

Mambar Pierrette

Rosine Mbakam

Feature film / Fiction


Wang Jialai

Feature film / Documentary