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Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bucheon)

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), which launched in 1997, is the representative cultural festival of Bucheon, a UNESCO creative city of literature. Works by master filmmakers such as Peter JACKSON, Christopher NOLAN, Darren ARONOFSKY, Guillermo del TORO, JANG Joonhwan, and NA Hongin have been discovered and introduced at BIFAN. The festival called into question the topic of censorship through provocative special programs, such as the blue movie special program, and it built a fan community through a program dedicated to martial arts movies by the Shaw Brothers Studio and the Bollywood special program. BIFAN has experienced its share of ups and downs following changes in authority, but it has received endless love and support from audiences and guests, for presenting new sensibilities, rich imagination, and unique programs. With “Stay Strange” as its motto, BIFAN strives to be a film festival that cheers for the nonmainstream, while discovering and giving courage to talents that are pushed to the margins.

Type : Festival

Genre : Animation, Fiction

Période : Juillet

Deadline : Janvier

Prioritaire : Oui

Pays : Corée du Sud


Les yeux d'Olga

Sarah Carlot Jaber

Court métrage / Fiction

Se dit d’un cerf qui quitte son bois

Salomé Crickx

Court métrage / Fiction