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Hum Hum Productions

Hum Hum Productions is an award winning Production Company founded by the producer / director duo : Jeanne Scahaise & Carol Van Hemelrijck. 

Hum Hum Productions was created in London, in 2015. For five years, Hum Hum focused on International Stories working with directors and artists coming from various countries around Europe. The multi-cultural city of London offered an opportunity for the company to discover, grow and experiment in a diverse and creative environment.

In 2020, Hum Hum Productions moved to Brussels with the idea of connecting young and talented artists from the Capital of Europe with other ways of making films, create and write. Opening borders and creating connections with other cultures.

Hum Hum Productions specializes in short format content : Music Videos, Short Films, Documentaries and Branded Content - with the ambition to continue to grow and soon develop longer formats.

30 rue du Mont-Blanc
1060 Bruxelles

téléphone : +32499505045

site internet : https://www.humhumproductions.com/

Activité : production

Domaine : Court métrage


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Victor Ridley

Court métrage / Fiction