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IFFR - International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam)

The International Film Festival Rotterdam presents a quality selection of independent, innovative and experimental cinema, video and media art.

One of the largest public film events in the world, IFFR actively supports independent filmmaking from around the globe and is a recognized platform in Europe for launching new films and talent from Asia, Africa, Middle and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

CineMart, the first and largest co-production market for small and medium scale film projects, takes place within the festival. 

International Film Festival Rotterdam
P.O. Box 21696
3001 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 10 890 90 90
F +31 10 890 90 91

Type : Festival

Genre : Documentaire, Animation, Fiction

Period : January

Deadline : October

Prioritary : Yes

Country : Netherlands


Love According To Dalva

Emmanuelle Nicot

Feature film / Fiction


Nicolas Graux and Trương Minh Quý

Short film / Fiction

The Blue Caftan

Maryam Touzani

Feature film / Fiction

No Dogs or Italians Allowed

Alain Ughetto

Feature film / Animation


Fabrice du Welz

Feature film / Fiction

La ruche

Christophe Hermans

Feature film / Fiction

Lucie loses her horse

Claude Schmitz

Feature film / Fiction

Our Men

Rachel Lang

Feature film / Fiction