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Warsaw International Film Festival (Warsaw)

The Warsaw Film Festival (WFF) differs from other festivals in its programme, just as Warsaw differs from other cities. In 2009 the Warsaw Film Festival became one of 14 events recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations as international film festivals - next to Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, San Sebastian, Karlovy Vary, Tokyo, Moscow, Mar del Plata, Montreal, Shanghai, Cairo, and Goa. The programme of the WFF is divided into five competitive and five non-competitive sections.

Warsaw Film Foundation

P.O. Box 816

00-950 Warszawa 1


T / F +48 22 621 62 68

Programme - feature films:



Programme - short films:


Type : Festival

Genre : Animation, Documentaire, Fiction

Period : October

Deadline : January

Prioritary : Yes

Country : Poland


Black Box

Fabrice Genestal

Feature film / Fiction

Les heures creuses

Judith Longuet-Marx

Short film / Documentary