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"Bon Voyage" and "A contretemps" selected at FIFA 2024

The International Festival of Films on Art has included two French-speaking Belgian productions in its 2024 program

The International Festival of Art Film (FIFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and global dissemination of films on art and media arts. Its main activity involves organizing an annual event in Montreal, renowned as the world's largest in its field, where the best productions from around the globe are showcased for eleven days. The festival, culminating in awards determined by an international jury, is the ultimate gathering for artists and professionals in the arts and filmmaking industry, as well as art and cinema enthusiasts.


In the program of this 42nd edition, there will be Bon Voyage by Karine Birgé, in the Official Selection - Feature Films. The film, produced by CVB, has already won the Young Europeans Award at FIPADOC 2024. It will have its North American premiere here at the FIFA.

She was 102 years old. It was the end of summer 2018. My grandmother made the choice to leave France and go to Belgium, to die with dignity. The choice of a “gentle and easy” death – in Greek, euthanasia. I look back at the events leading up to her short-lived exile and my memories of this difficult journey. Using the audio clips that I saved, with a theatre of puppets and objects, a few disjointed skeletons, and eerie figurines, including Chantal Goya and Doctor Frankenstein, I recreate a world around my grandmother, who departed in strange tranquillity.

Also featured is A contretemps by Christophe Delbecq in the MANOEUVRES program of the FIFA Experimental category of the festival, which explores artistic research, memory, the creative process, the intimate connection between the artist and the act of creation, as well as individual identity within society. The film is produced by Cobra Films and internationally distributed by CBA

Dirk Wauters is a sculptor, drummer, percussionist.
For 30 years, every day, he has photographed, filmed, drawn, written and recorded musical improvisation. Then, he lists and classifies all these documents in files which record the traces of what he experienced. While recording, like a scientist, the time of a life, Dirk's work goes beyond his own person because he questions everyone about their relationship to time and their life.

See you in Montreal from March 14 to March 24, 2024!


A contretemps

Christophe Delbecq

Short film /

Bon voyage

Karine Birgé

Feature film / Documentary