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Numerous Belgian short films selected at MECAL 2024

No fewer than six French-speaking Belgian productions will be featured at MECAL Pro 2024, including three in competition

MECAL Pro, the Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival, will celebrate its 26th edition in 2024. The long history of MECAL Pro has consolidated it as one of the most important short film festivals in Europe and the world, thus receiving the support of local, national, and international institutions. In 2023, the festival screened more than 300 short films in 29 sections.

First, the short film by Laura Petrone and Guillaume Kerbusch, Fake it till you make it, is selected for the International Competition. The film, produced by Angie Productions, was screened at BRIFF last June as part of the Belgian Collection Volume 2.

Elza is constantly harassed at school and outside, particularly because of her social class. Claire and her gang might never stop… But if one day the opportunity arose for Elza to make them pay and take their place, how far would she go?

Next, Night Night Stories by Théo Degen will be part of the festival's Oblique Competition. The short film, also produced by Angie Productions, was screened at BRIFF in 2023.

Eclipse day in Brussels, in the middle of summer. As the moon passes in front of the sun and a blue night falls over the city, the hearts of the inhabitants start beating stronger. In a park, strange events occur.

After a selection at BAFICI last year, Au Circuit by Olivier Van Malderghem, produced by Les Films Maeström, will also be part of MECAL's Oblique Competition.

Every weekend, Anne and Jeff go to the Mettet motorcycle circuit. Jeff, a racing driver, trains. Anne takes his lap times. Occasionally, at the café "Au Circuit," she negotiates the loan of the motorcycle over the phone. Anne's gaze then meets Jacques', a customer who, like his companion René, is part of the furniture. They never exchange a word. One day, Jacques makes a move. He joins Anne at the bar…

In the Animated Documentary section, we find Villa Madjo by Elen Sylla Grollimund, produced by l'Atelier Graphoui. The film was notably selected for the Zinebi festival in 2023.

Noting that her fair-skinned father was born in Africa and her dark-skinned mother was born in Europe, the director questions her mixed heritage and traces the complex history of her family, from colonial history to the experience of a mixed couple in Europe in the '50s and '60s.

The animated short film by Nicolas Gemoets, Muscle Man in: Metal Mayhem, has been selected for the Trash section. The film, produced by La Cambre, was notably selected this year at Stuttgart and IndieLisboa.

Muscle Man, the cleanest superhero in the world, engages in a thrilling battle against a giant robot determined to reduce the city to rubble, but his obsession with order might lead to his downfall.

Finally, Allégresse by Ginnie Cinneri, produced by Médiadiffusion, will be part of the Comedy section of the Spanish festival. The short film recently won the National Audience Award in the Next Generation Competition at the BSFF.

Serge, a funeral director, is entrusted with the care of his daughter, Inès, as well as the ashes of a stranger. Together, they search for a way to honor him, and during this journey, Serge and Inès end up forming unexpected bonds.

See you in Barcelona from June 27 to July 7, 2024!



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Villa Madjo

Elen Sylla Grollimund

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