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"Farewell Savage" awarded at the 45th edition of Cinéma du réel

The winners of the 45th edition of the international documentary film festival Cinéma du réel have been revealed. Among this year's award-winning titles is Sergio Guataguira Sarmiento's film "", which won the Libraries Award 2023.

Like every year, the French festival Cinéma du réel honors about forty international documentary films in its competitive section. Among the films selected for this 45th edition, there are three Wallonia-Brussels productions.

The French-speaking Belgian documentary, Farewell Savage by Sergio Guataguira Sarmiento, produced by Fox the Fox, received the Library Award 2023 of this 45th edition.

Among the films selected for this edition, there were also three other Wallonia-Brussels productions.

Otro Sol by Francisco Rodríguez Teare, produced by Michigan Films was also selected as well as Margaux Dauby's short film, Cinzas e Nuvens, produced by Kokoro Films. they were all presented as a world premiere.

Finally, there was the presence of Katy Lena Ndiaye's film, Money, Freedom, a story of CFA Franc, produced by Neon Rouge, in the section Avant-Première - Des nouvelles de l'Afrique documentaire.

The 45th edition of the Cinéma du réel festival took place from March 24 to April 2, 2023. 


Farewell Savage

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento

Feature film / Documentary

Otro sol

Francisco Rodriguez Teare

Feature film / Documentary