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A Wealth of Wallonia-Brussels productions for the next edition of FNC

The programme for the 51st edition of the Festival of New Cinema has been unveiled. Among the titles selected are seven Wallonia-Brussels productions, including three student shorts presented as part of the national student short film competition, "Rencontres Pancanadiennes du Cinéma Étudiant".

The 51st edition of FNC takes place from 5 to 16 October. Among the many films to be screened during this edition, in International Competition is Love according to Dalva, director Emmanuelle Nicot’s first feature, produced by Hélicontronc. 

Dalva is 12 years old but dresses, wears make-up, and thinks of herself as a grown woman. One evening, she is abruptly removed from her father’s home. First revolting in total incomprehension, she meets Jayden, a social worker, and Samia, a teenager with a strong character. A new life seems to be opening up for Dalva: the one of a girl of her own age.

The latest film by the Dardenne brothers, Tori and Lokita (Les Films du Fleuve), will be screened in the Les Incontournables section. 

In Belgium today, a young boy and an adolescent girl who have travelled alone from Africa pit their invincible friendship against the difficult conditions of their exile.

In the Temps Ø section are two Wallonia-Brussels productions: Fabrice Du Welz's latest film, Inexorable (Frakas Productions) and Man Bites Dog by Rémy Belvaux, Benoît Poelvoorde & André Bonzel (Artistes Anonymes).

In addition, since 2014, the Rencontres Pancanadiennes du Cinéma Étudiant (RPCÉ), has been part of the festival. Each year, a selection of student shorts is featured as part of the festival. This year, three short films from the IAD are featured: La Prova by Toni Isabella Valenzi, Maman fait dodo by Solenn Crozon and Casse couille by Philémon Antoine.

Also of note is Cristèle Alves Meira's Alma Viva, an Entre chien et loup co-production in the International Panorama section.



Love According To Dalva

Emmanuelle Nicot

Feature film / Fiction

Tori and Lokita

Luc Dardenne and Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Feature film / Fiction


Fabrice du Welz

Feature film / Fiction

La Prova

Toni Isabella Valenzi

Short film / Documentary

Man Bites Dog

Rémy Belvaux,André Bonzel and Benoît Poelvoorde

Feature film / Fiction

Alma Viva

Christèle Alves Meira

Feature film / Fiction

Maman fait dodo

Solenn Crozon

Short film / Fiction

Casse Couilles

Philémon Antoine

Short film / Fiction