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"Tengo Sueños Eléctricos" awarded twice over at the Thessaloniki festival

Valentina Maurel's film "Tengo Sueños Eléctricos", won the award for best fictional feature film at the 2022 edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Reinaldo Amien Gutiérrez also won the best actor award for his role in the same film. Three majority-Belgian productions and four co-productions were among the films selected for this 63rd edition.

The 63rd edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival opened on Thursday 3 November. Among the films selected for the international competition was Valentina Maurel's film produced by Wrong Men, Tengo Sueños Eléctricos.

Included Out of Competition is Love According to Dalva by Emmanuelle Nicot, produced by Hélicotronc.

Finally, Tori and Lokita, by the Dardenne brothers, produced by Les Films du Fleuve, will be presented in special screenings. 

Four minority-French-speaking Belgian co-productions also appear on the programme: Alma Viva by Cristèle Alves Meira (produced by Entre chien et loup); Rebel by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (produced by Beluga Tree); The Line by Ursula Meier (produced by Les Films du Fleuve) and Dodo by Panos Koutras (produced by Tarantula Belgique). 

The 63rd edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival draws to a close on 13 November.


Tengo Sueños Electricos

Valentina Maurel

Feature film / Fiction

Tori and Lokita

Luc Dardenne and Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Feature film / Fiction

Love According To Dalva

Emmanuelle Nicot

Feature film / Fiction

Alma Viva

Christèle Alves Meira

Feature film / Fiction


Panos H.Koutras

Feature film / Fiction

The Line

Ursula Meier

Feature film / Fiction


Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

Feature film / Fiction