Life's a Bitch

Xavier Seron

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Life's a Bitch

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Xavier Seron

Jean-Jacques Rausin, Mara Taquin, Aurora Marion, Ninon Borsei, Arieh Worthalter, Louise Manteau

To please Cécile, Tom agrees to adopt her dead neighbor’s Chihuahua. The only problem with this apparently harmless animal is that it has seemingly pushed its owner to suicide and now wants its new owner’s hide too! Actress and muse for a famous perfume brand, Greta is crushed. Her dog and her assistant both died, run over by a bus. In a dry cleaning shop, Greta meets Charlotte and asks her to replace her assistant... unless she meant her dog! For Franck and Lola it was love at first sight. They have so much in common, except one thing: Lola doesn’t like dogs. Franck has to choose between his new love and Perdita, his best friend and the very best dog that ever was. Love and friendship aren’t always compatible. Three intertwined destinies – three stories of humans and their dogs.

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