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Five Belgian productions selected at the Arcs Film Festival

The Arcs Film Festival has announced the lineup for its 2023 edition, which will include no less than five French-speaking Belgian productions!

The Arcs Film Festival has become a major cultural event with a focus on the promotion of the European in its diversity and of the many talents our continent has to offer. Located in the Alps, in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, the Festival gives you both the chance to enjoy the first snows of the year and to attend screenings all day long in the presence of their crews. This year, five French-speaking Belgian productions have been selected at the festival.


In Competition, we will find Through the Night by Delphine Girard, produced by Versus Production and internationally sold by Playtime Films.

One night, a woman in danger calls the police. Anna takes the call. A man is arrested. Weeks go by, the courts search for evidence, and Aly, Anna and Dary face the echoes of that night that they cannot leave behind.


Life's a Bitch, by Xavier Seron, produced by Hélicotronc and internationally sold by Be For Films, will be part of the Playtime section of the festival.

To please Cécile, Tom agrees to adopt her dead neighbor’s Chihuahua. The only problem with this apparently harmless animal is that it has seemingly pushed its owner to suicide and now wants its new owner’s hide too! Actress and muse for a famous perfume brand, Greta is crushed. Her dog and her assistant both died, run over by a bus. In a dry cleaning shop, Greta meets Charlotte and asks her to replace her assistant... unless she meant her dog! For Franck and Lola it was love at first sight. They have so much in common, except one thing: Lola doesn’t like dogs. Franck has to choose between his new love and Perdita, his best friend and the very best dog that ever was. Love and friendship aren’t always compatible. Three intertwined destinies – three stories of humans and their dogs.


Joachim Lafosse's A silence will be presented in the Avant-Premières category. The film, produced by Stenola Productions and internationally distributed by Les Films du Losange, tells the story of Astrid, married to an acclaimed lawyer. Silenced for 25 years, her family balance suddenly collapses when her children initiate their search for justice.


In the Summit section, The Falling Star by Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, produced by Courage Mon Amour Films and internationally distributed by MK2 Films, will be featured.

Boris, a former activist, lives underground as a bartender at "The Falling Star". His guilty past resurfaces when one of his victims finds him and wants revenge. The appearance of a double, the depressed and solitary Dom, provides Boris with the perfect means of escaping his nemesis. Boris’s cunning partner, Kayoko concocts a sinister plan to exchange the two, aided by Tim, the Star’s faithful doorman. Little do they all know, Dom has an ex-wife, Fiona. She’s a private investigator.


Finally, in the Special Screenings, we will have the opportunity to discover Hiver by Jean-Benoît Ugeux. The film, produced by Apoptose, was shot not far from the Arcs Film Festival.


Let's also note the presence of our Belgian co-productions, Holly by Fien Troch, produced by Les Films du Fleuve and sold by MK2 Films, and The Green Border by Agnieszka Holland, produced by Beluga Tree and sold by Les Films Boutique.


See you in France from December 16 to December 23, 2023!



Through the Night

Delphine Girard

Feature film / Fiction

Life's a Bitch

Xavier Seron

Feature film / Fiction

L'étoile filante

Pauline Kilesse and Sarah Parmentier

Short film / Animation

A Silence

Joachim Lafosse

Feature film / Fiction