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"Life's a Bitch" in competition at the BAFICI

Xavier Seron's film is selected for the International Official Competition for the 25th edition of the Argentinean festival.

The Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) is one of the most important and uniquely singular film festivals in Latin America. BAFICI offers a diverse selection of films to the residents of Buenos Aires and its visitors, blending innovation with tradition.

For the 25th edition of the festival, Life's a Bitch by Xavier Seron has been selected for the International Official Competition. The film is produced by Hélicotronc and internationally distributed by Be For Films.

To please Cecile, Tom agrees to take in the Chihuahua of his deceased neighbor. The only problem is that this seemingly harmless creature appears to have driven its owner to suicide and now wants to harm Tom. Greta, a famous perfume model and actress, is devastated. Her dog and assistant were killed by a truck. In a laundromat, Greta meets Charlotte and offers her to replace her assistant... unless she's meant to replace her dog. Franck and Lola fall in love at first sight. They share so much in common... except one thing: Lola doesn't like dogs. Franck must choose between his new love and Perdita, his best friend and the best of dogs. Love and friendship don't always go hand in hand. Three intersecting destinies, three stories of humans and dogs.

It's worth noting the presence of two French-speaking Belgian co-productions, both selected in the festival's Careers section: Soundtrack to a Coup d'Etat by Johan Grimonprez (Onomatopée Films) and L'Empire by Bruno Dumont (Novak Prod).

See you in Buenos Aires from April 17 to 28, 2024!


Life's a Bitch

Xavier Seron

Feature film / Fiction

Soundtrack to a coup d'état

Johan Grimonprez

Feature film / Documentary


Bruno Dumont

Feature film / Fiction