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Many Belgian movies at the 27th Busan Film Festival

The programme of the 2022 Busan International Film Festival has been announced, two French-speaking Belgian productions and three co-productions will be featured at this edition.

The Busan International Film Festival has unveiled the titles that will be presented in October for its 27th edition. Among these titles is Valentina Maurel's first feature film, Tengo Sueños Electricos, produced by Wrong Men. The film, which has already won three prizes at the Locarno Festival, has recently been selected for the San Sebastian Festival.

Eva can't stand the fact that her mother wants to renovate the house and get rid of the cat, which, disoriented since the divorce, pees everywhere. Eva wants to go and live with her father, who, disoriented like the cat, is experiencing a second adolescence. But like someone who crosses an ocean of adults without knowing how to swim, Eva has to face the rage that gnaws at her father. And now it is going through her too.

In the same section, World Cinema, we find another Wallonia-Brussels director's first feature film, Love According to Dalva by Emmanuelle Nicot, produced by Hélicotronc. The film, presented at the prestigious Semaine de la critique in Cannes, was well received last May. Since then, the film has had a successful festival career, including selection at the Karlovy Vary festival.

Dalva, 12, lives alone with her father. One evening, the police storms into their home and takes her into foster care. As Dalva befriends her new roommate Samia and social worker Jayden, she gradually comes to understand that the love she shared with her father was not what she thought. With their help, Dalva will learn to become a child again.

Three co-productions will also be presented in the World Cinema section in October. First of all, Harkis by Philippe Faucon, produced by Les Films du Fleuve

Late 50's, early 60's, the Algerian war goes on. Salah, Kaddour and other young Algerians without resources join the French army as Harkis (Algerians who fought on the side of France). Their section is commanded by Lieutenant Pascal. At the end of the conflict, Algeria obtains its independence. France withdraws while the fate of its Harkis seems very uncertain. Against his hierarchy, Lieutenant Pascal fights to bring his men to France.

Another Les Films du Fleuve production, Ursula Meier's The Line, is also part of this edition's programme.

After violently attacking her mother Christina during an argument, Margaret is arrested by the police and ordered not to go within 200 metres of the family home. "Locked out", Margaret will never stop trying to make amends for her actions and this imaginary line will crystallize all the tensions in this dysfunctional family.

Finally we find the film The Adventures of Gigi the Law by Alessandro Comodin, produced by Michigan Films.

Gigi is a police officer in a countryside where nothing ever happens. One day however, a young girl throws herself under a train. This is not the first time. Facing this unexplainable suicide wave, Gigi starts investigating a strange world, between reality and fantasy, where a garden turns into a jungle and where an ever-smiling policeman keeps his heart open to love.

Also noteworthy is the presence of Valentina Maurel who will represent Wallonia Brussels, as part of the EUROPE! GOES BUSAN programme of European Film Promotion.

The 27th edition of the Busan International Film Festival will take place from 5 to 14 October.


Love According To Dalva

Emmanuelle Nicot

Feature film / Fiction

Tengo Sueños Electricos

Valentina Maurel

Feature film / Fiction


Philippe Faucon

Feature film / Fiction

The Line

Ursula Meier

Feature film / Fiction

The Adventures of Gigi the Law

Alessandro Comodin

Feature film / Documentary